Baltimore Band Block Party


We created this symbiotic event to showcase our dedication to the Baltimore music scene and to encourage bands to bring more listeners and donors into the WTMD fold.

WTMD selected a roster of about 20 bands to participate.  Each band would encourage their fans to purchase tickets to the Baltimore Band Block Party where the top five ticket selling bands would play in a day long outdoor festival.

Each band was given a set of online banners and badges to use on their website and WTMD's online staff mentored them in any digital activities they wanted to pursue to sell tickets.  Each band had their own landing page for ticket sales.

We encouraged each band to be as creative as possible and some even made videos to pursue their dream of being number one.

This annual event sold on average 750 tickets to the party.  Many of the donors were first time givers to WTMD who were identified and cultivated for future gifts.  This was an extraordinary event that increased our donor roles as well as our marketing database.