The New WTMD Broadcast and Community Center


I lead the effort to build an 8,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art community and broadcast center that turned WTMD into a regional cultural institution. I engaged community leaders, staff, and the licensee to a sustainable vision for WTMD's future.

The most fun part was guiding the design, materials and function of each space.  Each space was going to multiple uses so I want to make sure that all of our activities and processes could fit comfortably.

We also wanted a large community and performance space for live recordings, panel discussions, concerts and other events. Heck, we even had hopes of renting this 1200 sq. ft. space for weddings and social events.

Technically, we transformed from an old school analog station into a fully IP addressable system throughout five studios.  We also included video production and to build on our multi platform strategies.

We also moved and reconfigured the transmission facility including a new tower, antenna and digital delivery systems.  The new antenna was directional and higher which increased our reach into to the DC market.

Finally, I knew our location in the middle of Towson would make us a landmark.  I installed a Times Square style ticker sign.  We used this full color, high resolution sign to promote our programming and events.  We also sold advertising space on it to increase our revenues.  We recouped the $250,000 cost within one year.

I can't tell you how proud I am of this particular project I worked on with hundreds of talented people from the people who helped build and spec the equipment to the construction workers who installed the bathroom tiles to the folks at Towson University's design department.  This was certainly a village making something good!