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Two Sales Funnels to Grow Public Radio Membership

Over time, I’ve developed two sales funnels to visualize what it takes to get a non-member listener to public radio to become givers.

In the old days, we called this the Five Steps to Given but since the internet and growth strategies have taken over, we now using the term sales funnel to define the customer journey.  Customer Journey is another term we’re using these days to talk about how to grow our membership files.

Why think like the rest of the internet?  We’ll, you’re going to miss out on a lot of resources if you stay in the parochial public radio jargon.  I think too, that thinking about membership as a journey erases the artificial wall between member and nonmember to better explain how we move members along a giving path and higher donations.  It acknowledges that we need customer care after the initial gift is made.

It takes a lot to get a listener to become a first time member and a lot more to make sure they give a second and third time or become a sustainer and increase that monthly giving over time.  Thinking about the migration through membership helps us know where they’ve been and why so we can nudge them in the direction we want them to go and provide a meaningful pathway for them.



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