Long Form Radio Documentaries


Black Churches of Orlando supported the national PBS production The Black Church: This is our Story, This is our Voice. This documentary details the how African American Churches influenced the civil rights movement in Central Florida.  So much is known about other cities across the south.  We wanted to highlight the local activities that are not always portrayed in other works.

Return to Flight detailed the first launch of a crew mission from Florida's Kennedy Space Center in several years.  A companion to our weekly space exploration podcast, Are We There Yet,  was distributed nationally and heard on about a dozen stations.

I worked with Space Reporter and Host Brendan Byrne,  to solidify WMFE's position as America's Station through this program, events, and other activities.


I Executive Produced these long-form radio documentaries including staff supervision, final cut, budgeting, grant acquisition and other financial and management duties.

Each staff member was given the freedom to explore their topic to bring these important shows to life.