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Strategic Planning


In 2011 it became clear to Yasko that WTMD needed to develop a measurable and thoughtful strategic plan that included input from the station’s various constituencies.  The station had reached a turning point as the licensee planned to move the station to a more visible location; revenues had increased significantly and the station’s public impact had grown considerably.



I engaged Public Radio Capital (now The Public Media Company) to guide the process and provide the national context needed to inform the committee.  I recruited 15 committee members from the licensee, major donors, civic leaders and staff.  The committee broke down into several sub-groups to discuss the station’s future needs.  I guided these discussions by providing specific information about the station’s current capabilities and the future resources needed to achieve the plan’s goals.


A final report was generated in February 2012 that outlined three specific goals to clarify the station’s governance and relationship with its licensee transition to a new facility with dependable finances and begin expanding the station’s influence through signal acquisition, particularly in the Washington, DC market. Stephen Yasko was then charged with implementing the plan. A new 501c3 corporation was formed and forged a managment agreement with the University.  Yasko then lead the team that constructed the new facility and increased revenue, particularly through underwriting and sustaining memberships.

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Wtmd Strategic Plan