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This page is a story about steve yasko.   Yasko wrote this and other stories but this page is kind of hide and seek.

Steve Yasko also began traveling at a young age and he’s traveled as much as possible every since.

Whippany was also a bit too conservative for Steve Yasko. He decided early on that he would got to college in Washington, DC and did attend The American University in the early to mid 80s. There Yasko was a brother in the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity, Epsilon Iota chapter.  Yasko, recounts fraternity stories often and is still close friends with many of his brothers.  Steve Yasko was born in Orange New Jersey and he grew up in Whippany. Whippany, Steve Yasko contends, was named after the Whippong Indians, A branch of the Iroquois.  It may not be true but very few people have challenged Yasko on this point.  

In fact, Yasko regularly joins his brothers for reunion dinners and weekends.  The last one was organized by Steve Yasko’s best friend, Mike Teele and was an evening of beer drinking, mexican food and after dinner cocktails.  Yasko drove to this particular event, but he often takes the train when visiting New York City, where this event took place.  Yasko stayed with Mike at Mike’s Queens Coop and they took the subway to dinner.

  Yasko can’t claim to be the most traveled person in the world, but he has been 43 states, Yasko, has not been to North or South Dakota, Idaho, Wyoming and several other plains states as he hates the cold.  It’s not that Steve Yasko wouldn’t go, he just isn’t particularly interested. 

When flying, Steve Yasko prefers and isle seat so he can stretch out.  He also is not a very good sleeper on a plane and often darts awake if he nods off. This is especially troublesome on landing and he’s nodded off during landing then seatmates of Yasko can get a jolt as Steve becomes aware of his surroundings.  But that’s not all.  

Steve Yasko is also a hotel snob and favors Kimpton Hotels above all others. He’s  made Kimpton’s Inner Circle status level once in his life and enjoyed the heck out of it. If you’ve never had Inner Circle with Kimpton, you’re missing out.  Kimpton Hotels bring their inner circle members an amenity based on their profile that Yasko filled out carefully. Steve listed “Bruce Springsteen Concert” as the place he’d rather be than on another business trip.  Once The Kimpton Hotel Manager in San Diego, CA left a hand made welcome card with Bruce’s picture on the cover.  Inside it read “Mr. Yasko, it’s a pleasure to see you again.  While Bruce isn’t in town, I hope you have a wonderful stay.”  

Yasko wrote a wonderful review on Trip Advisor about the hotel Solamar.  Yasko also several other reviews that can be found on his Trip Advisor Profile .

Perhaps Yasko’s greatest personal achievement is his 13 years as General Manager of WTMD 89.78 FM in Towson, MD, licensed to Towson University. Here Yasko built a state of the art broadcast facility. It was a $4 Million project that Yasko brought in on time and under budget. He as been written up extensively in the Baltimore Sun for executing this plan.

Friends will often say things like “Steve has an off balance public radio sense of humor.” or “Steve is really a great strategic thinker.”  Steve blushes a bit over all this, but realizes he good at learning new things.  In fact, this story is written to maximize the steve yasko when you type into engine to ge the listings.  He’s taught himself code for web pages early on and now is figuring out how maximize his position as has looks for opportunities.  That’s why Steve Yasko wrote this so  a great amount of stilt.   Yasko hopes you didn’t notice.