Branding The Bromo

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As Executive Director of The Bromo Arts and Entertainment District, I work to create a neighborhood where the arts, entertainment and businesses thrive side-by-side.  Arts and Entertainment Districts are tax-benefit districts for arts organizations and individual artists in Maryland.

The Bromo is located on the west side of downtown Baltimore. The area has been neglected for more than 20 years.  A majority of the buildings are either vacant, in disrepair or both.

No one thinks of this area, and its potential, as an Arts and Entertainment District.  I developed a branding campaign using large, full window sized signs featuring art from two local artists and the iconic Bromo Tower.

These signs feature basic wayfaring information to direct visitors to the organizations. Our goal is to create connections between the different sub-districts in the very large Bromo and to brighten the neighborhood with art and color.

The ultimate goal is to change the perception of The  Bromo to inspire developers and arts organizations to relocate to the district and renovate the buildings.  We've had good results so far with two major redevelopment projects locating on the same blocks as established artist-owned spaces.