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The Great Baltimore Check In



The Check In is a social media city wide scavanger hunt to generate listener/customer engagment. The game was also designed to generate foot traffic for sponsors and to get Millennials to explore outside their home neigborhoods.​



App development company was engaged to create an iOS and Android based CMS capable of geo-fencing each of 89 spots.  Sales Department sold sponsorships to location based clients.  A public facing was site was also created and the back end of the CMS tracked all check ins to each location to demonstrate foot traffic to each sponsor.  Players gave permission to have their emails given to each sponsor they check in at for additional sales opportunity. 



The station recieved national press attention for this innovative digital program. Underwriting sales increased by 30% and more than 25 new clients were recruited and became retained sponsors for WTMD.

Screen Shots of the Web Site: