stephen yasko talks about the failure of Fear The Walking Dead

Fear The Walking Dead Never Did Deliver on its Brand Promise

There’s been a lot of complaining bout the current state of Fear the Walking Dead. And with good reason. It’s become a boring, predictable, echo of the Walking Dead. There’s really no difference between the two shows. A villain appears, the group must survive, there’s some walkers. the season ends and begins again.

But that’s not what we were promised. In the beginning the show was heralded as an examination of what a family goes through during the Zombie Apocalypse. We were told the start of the apocalypse would be slow to start. That while we would never understand exactly what started it, we would get a greater glimpse into how the family dynamic would play out. How old relationships and feelings would affect the characters actions.

We were supposed to see the family stick together. How growing up in the Apocalypse changed parenting roles. But then one by one each family member is killed off for less than interesting reason. Travis is killed in a helicopter shootout that was just so convenient. Chris, Travis’s son turns psycho with some friends his own age he met on the road. Nick leaves cause he want’s to be back in England…. I mean really, your on the sequel of the most popular tv show is both America and England and he just blows it off. Then Kim Dickens, probably the most accomplished actor on the show, and the one who does the most personal growth aside from Alicia, just disappears into thin air. Really, Supper mom guidance counselor just walks off into the land of is she or isn’t she dead.

A mother simply doesn’t do that. Ever.

This leads to just one conclusion. The people running the show don’t have a clue about what they’re doing. They’re a one trick pony who with no imagination. Ginny is Negan. Daniel is Carol. Alicia is Rick. Charlie is Enid. It’s all so repetitive.

I remember the wonder first episodes when the the walkers where a new thing in American culture. so mucs heart when the neighbor woman eats her husband. And don’t get me started on Tobias. Whose bone head idea was it to cut this kid loose. He was the sage. He knew the stakes. He knew what do to early on. Not bringning back to play a major role in the family (the son Madison never had.) would have been a delightful look at how families don’t give up being a family just because the world has gone to hell in a hand basket. They become stronger. They become more cautious. but they also become more caring. Kiling off Nick, Chris and Travis were the worst decisions a show runner ever made. I fear it might be too late to bring that promise back Fear the Walking Dead.


    1. I do watch the show. Madison in presumed dead. That is, she was in a situation in the stadium where there was now way out. She believed she was going to die and said goodbye to her children on a walkie. BUT, we never saw her actual death. In the Walking Dead Universe anything can happen to allow her to live. Remember Glen under the dumpster? Never believe a character is dead until you see someone put a knife in their head.

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