Five Things About The Walking Dead That Greg Needs To Hear!

I know, I know, the finale of The Walking Dead was kind of dull.  I thought so too, but I just can’t give up on it the way my friend did.  I feel compelled to offer some advice.steve-yasko-deadinside

A good friend of mine wrote a goodbye to The Walking Dead post on Facebook after this week’s season seven finale.  I can’t really blame him.  I’ve been feeling some of the same things too.  The characters aren’t really interesting anymore, the story lines are a bit dull and plodding.  A lot of people have these issues and they are starting to believe it’s time to put a knife in the skull.

 I’m kind of not ready to do that. So here’s five story Ideas and style changes  I hope Scott Gimple and the gang find, read and then hire me as a story consultant.

1. Backstory Matters.  Most of the complaints about the lack of interesting characters can be solved with picking one two and taking us back to before the apocalypse to find out more about what kind of person they were.  Then take us through their journey to the present.  You’ve done this effectively before Scott Gimple!  I think most of us are already done with Negan because we don’t know how he got to be the person he is today.  

My bet is Negan was a psycho Marine who got passed over for a few promotions.  He got his taste for killing in the Middle East and was going to be prosecuted for war crimes with the epidemic hit. No one knew he was a leader then…boy did he prove them wrong.  

I keep analogizing that Negan is like the Wicked Witch of The East.  I just don’t believe that whoever kills Negan is going to be killed and not hailed a hero.  Let’s face it–everyone hates the guy–why hasn’t anyone done it already.

2. Location Matters. So, the show is filmed in Georgia but the Eugene story line took us to Alexandria, VA.  UM..they look nothing like each other.  Ok, I know you can’t pick up and move the production company.  But come on–Alexandria is five miles from Washington, DC. Why haven’t we gone monument hopping yet?  Yes, I realize you set the “cities are bad’ ethic early on.  But come on. It’s Washington, DC.  Carl needs a civics lesson!  

And I want to see Congressional Walkers–come on, you do too.

Plus, I’ve never seen $600,000 houses in Alexandria not be a stone’s through to a strip mall. Maybe it’s time to allow the world to have a Starbucks, or other sign of real civilization settle in.

3. No More Pop Ups.  Waking up to Michonne and Rick in bed together was just a bit too much to be believable.  And stop using cheap family tricks like bringing the cute blond boy’s little brother in who we’ve net before…. I knew blondie was going to get it as soon as Morgan said “You want to be like your brother.”  That’s just plain old lazy story telling.

 We do need new drama and characters  So a more plausible pop up is Rick’s brother showing up after he figured out he headed north; or maybe marine from Abraham’s unit comes in and hits on Rosita.  Just connect it all with back story!

 4. We need Some Snow.  Ok, again, I realize the shooting schedule is summer time but come on!  Walkers in a blizzard has such potential.  A hurricane or something similar is needed.  And more animals.  A tiger, some pigs and the occasional deer and horse just aren’t cutting it.  There’s got to be a herd of giraffes or something coming around.  Judith needs a kitten at least.


The Lord of the Flies mentality needs to shift.  You’ve got all summer to figure this out.  Unless you’re all ready to call it quits and spend your paychecks.   Oh.. and we’ll cover Fear The Walking Dead sooner or later too.

And don’t kill Dary;. I don’t think Facebook’s servers could handle it.



Stephen Yasko

Stephen Yasko is a Public Radio and Media Executive and Nonprofit Executive Director. Yasko is the Founding General Manager of WTMD 89.7 FM in Baltimore where he took a neglected asset to a top 10 NPR Music radio station. He moved WTMD from a basement hovel to a state of the art Broadcast facility located in the center of Towson, MD.